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The key to our success is reaching out to young people, that's why our concerts always include student participation. We believe that our joint performances with students inspires young people to continue participation in music and will insure future Houstonians enjoy access to this art form. New ways of reaching a wider audience are in work. As members of the Clear Lake Alliance of the Arts, the Bay Area Chorus is actively supporting the planning and organization of a Clear Lake Arts Festival planned for the summer of 1997. This festival will bring together all the community art organizations of this part of Harris County in a combined effort to showcase ourselves to the community. In this way, those interested in ballet, visual arts, instrumental music, etc., will be able to see it all in one place at minimal cost. Another initiative of BAC is to provide a music library for local school, church and other choral groups. Each year the BAC purchases new music much of which is contemporary and not affordable by smaller choirs. Our plan is to loan music to local groups as a way of paying back the community for their support.

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