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Tour Choir

Each year the Tour choir makes an extensive concert tour. The tours are developed around performance schedules, and incorporate a close look at American or foreign history. The choir has toured Texas and fifteen other states, as well as Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Austria Mexico and this year Denmark.

Town Choir

Extensive choral techniques are emphasized in the Town choir. The choir mainly performs locally, however the season concludes with an out of town performance and a day of special activities.

Training Choir

Techniques in phrasing, enunciation and harmonizing are stressed in the Training choir. Boys learn the disciplines of the organization and perform predominately on the local scene.
"There is perhaps no greater time-honored tradition that that of the boys choir. For over seventeen hundred years this ancient institution has continued to exemplify one of the finest methods of educating a boy during his formative years".
It is in this exemplary tradition that we celebrate

Fifteen Years

"Making a difference...one boy at a time"

Remember these are ordinary boys who are challenged and rewarded by excelling at something which engages their hearts as well as their minds. Hopefully, a boy will leave the choir with an appreciation for disciplined, concentrated effort, and an ear for the classical choral repertoire. On a more profound level, these boys discover in the marriage of music, words, and movement a spiritual dimension to their lives that might have otherwise been left unexplored.

The Fort Bend Boys Choir of Texas, Inc. was founded in 1982 with 45 initial members by William R. Adams, Artistic Director of the choir. The organization has now grown into three performing ensembles with over 160 choristers. The members are selected from the local area by audition and enter either the Training, Town or Tour choir. Membership is open to boys whose voices have not yet changed.

The choir was organized to give boys with special music abilities and interests an opportunity to perform more challenging choral literature from classical selections to folk music. The group combines the freshness and enthusiasm of childhood with artistic maturity, something that can only be achieved through serious work. Boyish energy is channeled into dedication to excel, team effort and hard work. For other children, the boys serve as models of purposeful work and high achievement. For adults, the are inspirational reminders of human possibilities.

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