Chorus Notes January 27, 2004

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Subject: Chorus Notes January 27, 2004
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Subject: Chorus Notes January 27, 2004
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 22:04:44 -0600
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Upcoming Schedule


Tuesdays in February, 2d half of rehearsal



**First rehearsal Feb 3, 7 p.m – 8:30 p.m.**

Tuesdays in February, 1st half of rehearsal



Basketball Alert!!  UH men’s basketball has a home game on Tuesday, February 3, at 7:30 p.m.  That will mean a little extra traffic before and possibly after the rehearsal, so plan accordingly.  Arrive a bit early to pick up your music for Carmina Burana, and you’ll have less traffic to fight!.  You will probably be stopped by parking lot attendants on the way in, but tell them that you are attending an event at the Moores School and you will not need to pay.



Tonight we welcome Cantor Vadim Tunitsky of Congregation Emanu El (Houston).  Cantor Tunitsky will talk about the place of the Kaddish in Jewish liturgy, and will coach us on pronunciation.  Our sincere thanks to him for offering to coach us on this!



Women needing dresses for our March concerts: Please pencil in a measurement appointment for Feb. 10, before the
start of the 7 p.m. (Carmina) rehearsal.  If you are new to the Chorus, or if for some reason you have been borrowing a dress for an extended period, please plan on ordering a dress now.  We will have full details on this next week.


Bernstein ITS reminder (since some of you have asked): those missing 3 or more rehearsals will be asked to sing an ITS (individual testing session) for the Bernstein.  (Note to new members: you get an exemption for rehearsals that occurred before you auditioned!  We’re reasonable!)  We will set the date & time for the ITS sessions in a few weeks, once we have a better idea of how many of these will be needed.



 January 27, 2004                                     


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