Chorus Notes March 2

Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 11:22:00 -0600
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Subject: Chorus Notes March 2
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From: "Susan Scarrow"
To: "Chorus Web Page"
Subject: Chorus Notes March 2
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 11:22:00 -0600
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Chorus Line: 713-444-9221

Chorus E-mail: chorus @

HSC on the Web: dummy.address/grou/hsc/



Upcoming Schedule



Tuesday, March 9

Orff 7-8:15 pm

Bernstein 8:30-10 pm


Orff Piano Rehearsal March 16

Orff Orch. Rehearsals March 17, 18

Orff Performances March 19, 20, 21


Tuesday March 23, Bernstein 7-10 pm

Bernstein Piano Rehearsal March 24 AND 25

Bernstein Orch. Rehearsals Mar. 26 & 27am

Bernstein Performances March 27, 28, 29


At the end of tonight’s rehearsal, can you help get all the non-padded chairs stacked on the racks at the front of the room?  Thanks!


Ticket sign up for Orff and Bernstein single comp. tickets TONIGHT and NEXT TUESDAY.  Those wishing to buy discount tickets (20% off) may do so already by calling the Symphony box office: 713- 224-7575.  When you purchase tickets, you may request to have your comp. ticket alongside your purchased tickets.


Ladies who ordered dresses – don’t forget your dress fittings next Tuesday, March 9 (5:45-7:00 p.m.).  Please sign up for a time if you didn’t do so last week.


Men’s ties for Sunday matinees can be purchased March 9 from Wardrobe Manager Patsy Wilson.



March Concert ITS Sign-up tonight!!  If you are a provisional member, or if you have missed 3 or more rehearsals for either the Bernstein or the Orff, you will need to sing an ITS before you may sing the concert.  Because so many people had multiple absences and need to do an ITS for Bernstein, most of these will be done on Thurs, Mar. 11.  If you need to do an ITS for both concerts, you may do it then as well.  If you absolutely can’t make the Mar. 11 date, there are a limited number of ITS slots on Mar. 23, but we ask you to try to save these for people who are driving in from Galveston etc., or absolutely can’t make the March 11 date.



Volunteers wanted!!  The spring edition of the volunteer sign up from is available tonight on the Chorus table!! Volunteers are crucial to making this a fun and organized group!  Everyone is very good about lending a hand when asked, but the volunteer forms help us know who might like to help in special areas.  And if you’re new to the Chorus, volunteering is a good way to get to meet some people outside your own section.  ** Some special new opportunities: we are looking for people to help establish an alumni network, an
e-mail list and maybe more that would help keep our former and “on-leave” members informed about concerts, audition dates, etc.  Also, we will need a new social chair (or co-chairs) year, plus a new Christmas octet coordinator.  Linda Peters and Sally Hoffecker will be hard acts to follow in those jobs, but they have served hard and well (thanks you two!!), but they are ready to pass on the baton, so we need some new brave souls to take on these tasks.  Maybe you?




March 2, 2004                                     



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