Chorus Notes August 22, 2004

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 07:53:34 -0500
To: "Chorus Web Page"
Subject: Chorus Notes August 22, 2004
From Mon Aug 23 07:41:19 2004
From: "Susan Scarrow"
To: "Chorus Web Page"
Subject: Chorus Notes August 22, 2004
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 07:53:34 -0500
Importance: Normal

Chorus Line: 713-444-9221

Chorus E-mail:

HSC on the Web: dummy.address/grou/hsc/


Upcoming Schedule


Christmas CD II


Tuesday Aug. 24  7-10 pm  MSM


Sunday Aug. 29 1:30 – 3:30  Jones Hall Rehearsal Room  PIANO REHEARSAL**


Sunday Aug. 29  Open House Performance in Jones Hall Lobby  circa 4:15


Tuesday Aug. 31  7:15-10:00 pm Jones Hall Stage



Wednesday, Sept 1 7:15-10:00 Jones Hall Stage



Tuesday Sept 7 7-10 p.m.  Mahler rehearsals begin MSM


Still Needed: 2-3 volunteers for the “cookie crew”! Please see Susan if you are
interested in helping out with this very important job.  Mary Voigt has been our faithful cookie provider for the past couple of years: thanks Mary!!  And thanks to Corita Dubose and Andrea Creath for providing our liquid refreshments and working around handicaps liked locked closets and uncertain rehearsal timings!!!



Name Tag Sign Up:  If you need a new nametag because you’ve lost your old one, or because you have changed sections, please sign up on the list in the hallway.  Also sign up if you need a new plastic cover.  Beth Slaughter, our nametag coordinator, will be making a new batch of nametags soon!                           


Theater District Open House

Sunday, August 29 circa 4:15

After the piano rehearsal on August 29, we will take a break and then re-assemble in the Jones Hall lobby to present a Christmas-in-August concert as soon as the SPA performance finishes on the Jones Hall stage.  The exact timing will depend on when that ends, but our performance will finish between 4:45 and 5 p.m.

Attire: If you have an HSC polo shirt, please wear this along with light colored trousers (khakis, white).  If you are not singing this concert and would be willing to lend a shirt, please bring the shirt this Tuesday: we will try to set up a shirt exchange on Tuesday night and get as many people as possible in Chorus shirts (which come in various colors).  Those still without Chorus shirts should wear light colored trousers and some kind of short sleeved shirt, preferably a polo shirt.

Please Bring Your Black Folders.  (New members: any black folder will do).


Coming soon: A new “Choral 4 Pack” Subscription series from the Symphony.  This year’s package includes Mahler, Messiah, Fidelio, and Nevsky.   This is the second year in a row that the Symphony is offering an all-choral subscription package, and we need to help make these a success so that they become a tradition!  It’s a good deal for choral music fans: it’s smaller than most of the other subscription packages but tickets are discounted at the same rate.  Plus, purchasers get all the subscriber benefits, including the ability to exchange a ticket for another date or for another classical concert series.  And in return for publicizing these packages, the Chorus gets a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these packages.  Funds raised this way benefit the Chorus Tour Fund.   So everybody wins from these: by promoting them we help build audiences for our concerts, our friends & fellow choral music lovers get discounted tickets, and both the Symphony and the Chorus will benefit financially.


Stay tuned for more details, hopefully on Tuesday….



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