Chorus Notes Nov. 9, 2004

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 09:35:17 -0600
To: "Chorus Web Page"
Subject: Chorus Notes Nov. 9, 2004
From Wed Nov 10 09:19:43 2004
From: "Susan Scarrow"
To: "Chorus Web Page"
Subject: Chorus Notes Nov. 9, 2004
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 09:35:17 -0600
Importance: Normal

Chorus Line: 713-444-9221

Chorus E-mail:

HSC on the Web: dummy.address/grou/hsc/


Upcoming Schedule


Nov. 16 Mahler Piano Rehearsal 7-8:30 pm; Christmas Pops 8:45-10 pm


Nov. 18 AND 19 Mahler Orch Rehearsals 7:15

On stage Jones Hall

Nov. 20 Concert 8 pm, call TBA JH reh. room

Nov. 21 Concert 2:30 pm, call TBA JH reh. room

Nov. 22 Concert 8 pm, call TBA JH reh. room


Nov. 23, 30 Christmas Pops 7-8:30; Messiah 8:45-10 pm


December rehearsals as per Chorus Handbook

(but note that the “optional” Christmas Pops concert on Monday, Dec. 13 will NOT take place)



MAHLER ITSs Are being held tonight in Jan Taylor’s office. Check the list in the hall if you’ve forgotten your appointment time.


Men: New members and others needing a regulation chorus tie for our Sunday concerts please see wardrobe manager to Patsy Wilson tonight.  Ties cost $25.  Remember, concert dress is tux (but NOT tails) for our evening performances, and dark suit, white shirt, and chorus tie for Sunday matinees.


Christmas CDs are here!!

If you weren’t here last week, see your section leader to pick up your complimentary copy of “Glad Tidings”.  Everyone who performed on the CD will receive one complimentary copy.  EVERYONE in the chorus may buy up to 15 CDs at the Artists’ Rate of $10 each.  Distribution dates are as follows:


Nov. 18: Sales to Chorus (before rehearsal and during the break of the Mahler Orch.
Rehearsal at Jones Hall)

Nov. 30 Sales to Chorus (Christmas Choruses rehearsal at UH)




Comp. Ticket Sign Up for Mahler

ENDS Tonight

Please sign the lists in the hall to reserve your comp. ticket.  You can also sign up for tickets next week. As usual, if you would like to purchase discount tickets alongside your comp ticket, don’t sign up for a comp ticket here.  Instead, call the box office at its normal number:  713-224-7575.  (Discount tickets may also be purchased separately from the comp ticket, but you are only eligible for the discount for concert series in which you perform.)


If you aren’t going to use your ticket, why not ask around in your section to see if someone else could use an extra seat??




**Last Chance to Sell those**

** Chorus Subscription Packages!!**

With our Mahler concert coming up next week, this is the last chance to sell these tickets!  Get your friends discount tickets, raise money for the Chorus, and win prizes for yourself!!  So far our lead salesperson has sold 5 packages: can anyone beat this?  And
as of last week only altos and tenors had made sales: where are the basses and the sopranos??? Remember, subscription packages start as low as $101 for 4 concerts – a real bargain!  So let’s take advantage of this great opportunity to build our audience, and to boost the chorus tour fund!!



Chorus Handbooks and rosters are available for those who just re-joined us for the Christmas concerts. 


        Nov. 9, 2004                                     





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