Chorus Notes Feb 8, 2005

Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 09:19:30 -0600
To: "Chorus Web Page"
Subject: Chorus Notes Feb 8, 2005
From Wed Feb 09 09:00:29 2005
From: "Susan Scarrow"
To: "Chorus Web Page"
Subject: Chorus Notes Feb 8, 2005
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 09:19:30 -0600
Importance: Normal

Chorus Line: 713-444-9221

Chorus E-mail:

HSC on the Web: dummy.address/grou/hsc/


Upcoming Schedule



Feb. 15  Classical Knockouts 7-8:45 pm

      **Chorus CD 9-10 pm** (note change!)

Feb. 16 Classical Knockouts piano rehearsal

      7 pm (mandatory)  U of H

Feb. 17 CK Orchestra Rehearsal (mandatory)

      7:15 pm Jones Hall on stage

Feb. 18, 19 8 pm CK concert   call time TBA

Feb 20 7:30 (not a matinee!) CK concert  

         call time TBA

Feb. 22 7-10 pm Chorus CD rehearsal 7-10 pm

      **note change**



Comp. ticket sign up ENDS TONIGHT!!   If you want to purchase discount tickets alongside your single comp ticket, do not sign the list!  Instead, call the Jones Hall box office and identify yourself as a singer in this concert: 713- 224-7575.




Classical Knockouts ITS will be conducted on Feb. 15. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR A TIME ON THE LIST IN THE HALLWAY. As usual, all provisional and Grand Chorus members will need to sing an ITS, as will anyone who misses 20% or more of the rehearsals.  Because we only have 6 rehearsals for this program, that means you will need to sing an ITS if you miss TWO or more rehearsals!!  The only exception is for new members who auditioned in January and missed the first rehearsal.  The list of those needing to sing an ITS will be posted next week.  Because there are so many people who need to sing these, some will be conducted before rehearsal.  If you are able to come early to sing yours, it will be a big help to others!




Classical Knockouts Performance** Order

Orff  O Fortuna

Verdi Aida excerpts

Sibelius Finlandia

Bernstein Make our Garden Grow (in performance this is preceded by the Candide overture)

Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture


**orchestra rehearsal order will differ slightly

The Chorus sings ONLY on the second half of this concert.  Call times will reflect this.


Thanks in advance for getting your music into folders ahead of the concert!  It will save a lot of rehearsal time and aggravation if people aren’t shuffling through music every time we switch pieces!



Dress Notes!!

**Please see Patsy Wilson tonight before the rehearsal or at the break to pick up loaner dresses for next week’s concert.


**If you are borrowing a dress now, that probably means that you are one of the people who needs to order your own dress for the next concert.   Our dressmaker will be doing the initial measurements next week before rehearsal.  Please sign up on the sheet in the hallway for an appointment.  Payment will be required at this time ($150, checks made payable to Shirley Wiss).  Please speak to wardrobe manager Patsy Wilson if you will be unable to make a fitting at this time, or if you have any other questions about this.







        Feb. 8, 2005






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