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Chorus Notes
September 25, 2001


Next Tuesday, October 2, at 6 p.m., we are excited to have Dr. Howard Pollack coming to speak to us about Barber and Prayers of Kierkegaard! Dr. Pollack is a Professor of Music here at the Moores School of Music, and has degrees from the University of Michigan and Cornell University. He is a specialist in Twentieth Century and American Music. Join us for an enriching time (in room 160) prior to rehearsal next week!


As you have already read in your handbook, chorus men will be wearing dark suits and regulation ties for the Sunday afternoon concert. (Tuxes and bow ties for Saturday & Monday nights.) Men new to the chorus need to purchase regulation ties prior to the Barber concerts. The price has gone up this year to $25, but it is still a bargain, as the store price is $39! See Lee Williams to buy your tie.


Tuesday, October 2		7 - 9 Barber 
                                9 - 10 Holst

*Wednesday, October 3 7:00 p.m. PIANO REHEARSAL at UH

*Thursday, October 4 7:15 p.m. ORCHESTRA REHEARSAL on stage at Jones Hall

*Saturday, October 6 10:15 a.m. ORCHESTRA REHEARSAL on stage at Jones Hall

(Warm-up location TBA)

Saturday, October 6		7:15 p.m. 
Sunday, October 7		1:45 p.m.
Monday, October 8		7:15 p.m.

*mandatory rehearsal


This is the last night to sign up for comp and discount tickets! If you are only interested in your one complimentary ticket, please sign the comp list in the hall. If you want to purchase tickets located with your comp, please do NOT sign the list in the hall - fill out a form on the table instead. If you want to purchase tickets that have nothing to do with your comp, please sign the comp list in the hall AND fill out a ticket form on the table! Questions? See Cheryl.

This is also the last night to order a chorus shirt. The list and check envelope are in the hall. Checks should be made out to the Houston Symphony Chorus. Be sure and indicate whether you want a womenís or menís style shirt, and include your check number on the list. A big ďTHANK YOUĒ to Jill Schaar for organizing this!


Thanks to the many of you who have indicated interest in singing in Kemah to help raise money for our tour fund. We now have more specific information. We will be assigned one hour the morning of Saturday, Nov. 17, and one hour the afternoon of Sunday, Nov. 18. If you have given me your name and these dates wonít work for you, please let me know. If you havenít given me your name and want to sing, please let me know that, too! Thank you!


Eduardo will be hearing those of you who are provisional members, and those with attendance issues (more than two absences) in seven minute time slots next Tuesday night. The cuts are listed below, and though he probably wonít have time to hear them all, be prepared to sing them all! Please see Cheryl tonight to sign up for a slot. Men: measures 1-16, 44 & 45, 97-113, 134-136,
140-170, 204-206 Tenors: above, plus measures 115-126
Women: measures 97-113, 140-170, 204-206,
239-end Sopranos: above, plus measures 126-132


Chorus members who participated in this concert back in 2000 are scheduled to receive a copy next week! The CDís were lost in the flood and had to be reprinted - thanks for your patience! (Note: Unfortunately, these CDís are not for sale and are available only to chorus members who actually sang the concert, and to symphony subscribers.)


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