HSO Mission Statement

The Houston Symphony Chorus is the official choral unit of the Houston Symphony. It is a chorus of volunteer singer/musicians committed to rehearsing and performing the choral orchestral repertory at the highest level of choral artistry achieveable.


The Director is responsible for the musical preparation and performance of the Houston Symphony Chorus for its involvement in the concert activities of the Houston Symphony.

The Associate Director works with the director in all matters related to the preparation and performance of the chorus, including conducting rehearsals as assigned.

The Accompanist plays for chorus rehearsals and auditions.

The Assistant Accompanist plays for chorus rehearsals and auditions as necessary.


Section Leaders assist the director in musical matters including note and vocal problems within the section and ensuring that absentees receive markings given in missed rehearsals. They assist the chorus manager by keeping the section informed of changes regarding rehearsal location and keeping track of attendance. Section leaders are appointed by the director for a two-year term, during the second year of which they also serve on the Chorus Council.


The Chorus Manager manages all non-musical aspects of the Houston Symphony Chorus and acts as a liaison between the chorus and Symphony management. The chorus manager's duties include overseeing all matters pertaining to attendance and general membership policies as well as supervising the production staff of the chorus.

The Stage Manager is responsible for all production matters related to the chorus on stage, including ensuring that the proper number of chairs are set and that the chorus is in place at the appointed time.

The Chair Mover is responsible for setting the rehearsal site with the appropriate number of rows and chairs required for the chorus.

The Wardrobe Manager is responsible for disseminating costume information to all new members in accordance with concert dress policies; maintaining the chorus wardrobe room; and lending costumes to members when necessary.

The Librarian is responsible for maintaining the chorus library, distributing and collecting music, and keeping a record of unreturned music and music which has been purchased by members.

The Stage Manager, Chair Mover, Wardrobe Manager and Librarian are appointed by the Chorus Manager in consultation with Symphony management.

The Chorus Treasurer is elected by and from the chorus for a two-year term. The treasurer maintains a record of incoming and outgoing money in the chorus accounts, such as dues, music deposits and score purchases.The treasurer serves on the Chorus Council.


The Chorus Council is an advisory group of appointed and elected members from the chorus. It meets once a month, to discuss topics such as chorus policies as set forth by Symphony management and internal issues such as social activities and any other activity pertinent to the operation of the chorus. The Council is made up of four section leaders (soprano, alto, tenor, bass); four at-large members elected for one year terms by the chorus; and the treasurer. The Council officers, elected by the Council members, are chairperson, vice-chairperson and recording secretary. The Director, Associate Director and Chorus Manager attend Council meetings; however, the Council may meet in private session from time to time.