Al Urbach Family Feedback Letter

From Sat Jan 30 19:30:39 1999
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 19:20:04 +0000
From: Ian Fetterley <>
To: surbach @
CC: hsc @ dummy.address
Subject: Al Urbach Family Feedback Letter

Subject: Al Urbach family
Dear Friend:

I am the younger of two sons of Alfred Urbach, founder of the Houston Chorale
and am enjoying your website alongside my mother, Jeanne Urbach in the Alto section 2-3 rows from the top on the left end of the line - the cute
one - of the full chorus in their "Salmon robes" (Mom says they were blue
with gold HC on the sleeve).

It is wonderful to see Dad's letter for the first concert - the "Dear Friend"
was him all the way!!

Mom is alive and well in Grand Junction, Colorado, but we lost Dad April 18 of last year. Mom is still active in music, playing cello ( she
was one of Dad's pupils in 1942) in the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra and in a very active quartet. We are still in the town Dad and Mom moved the family to in 1967.

Mom is naming names and describing the letterhead before it is downloaded on the screen!

I am curious as to what is your connection with the Chorale - do you sing? If there is a useful need for more Chorale memorabilia, please contact me at "surbach @" - Mom has scrapbooks and history of the Chorale that she would love to be put to use!


Steve Urbach
2803 Grand View Circle
Grand Junction, CO 81506
surbach @

Thanks for the letter. I have done the cut and paste from MSWord when I got a machine that has Word on it (I work on a Unix platform normally). If we receive it in text then I will get it immediately and it can be read by the chorus members almost as quickly/easily. But, if you are trying to make some fancy formatting that email cannot support, then a real Word file can sometimes be useful.

My status is that I sing in HSC (and HMC and some other small opera things in town on occasion), and I was running a web group for the last 4 years in a company named Omnes ( dummy.address ) that is part of Schlumberger (Oilfield engineering dummy.address ) and Cable & Wirelesss (UK-based telecommunication company world-wide). I put up the choral site as a public sponsorship site for all the Houston Choruses. My 12-year old daughther Tiffany sings in the Houston Children's Chorus as well so as a family, we participate in a number of the choruses.

The effort I have been able to dedicate to the web iste has been less than I would like, but earning money always seems to take precedence (surprise!).

I put in substantial effort to setup the site for the 50th anniversary and hence managed to get a lot of people to dig in their archives for information to put in there. I made some big posters of most of it for a public display but for permanence, I felt that getting it up on the website would both last longer and be seen by more people (yourselves included). Thanks for the nice feedback.

Could we use history information - of course. How can we afford to get it? Well, if you have any of it (or put any of it) in electronic

format (text in a document, mail, or scanned pictures), then I can put it up immediately. Any other format will require some push at this end to get it online (and likely will sit for some years...).

So, if you are game, we will put it up once we receive it electronically.
Formats are fairly flexible.

In any case, you can communicate with the chorus people (that bother to look) by sending to hsc @ dummy.address - it will appear online (unless it is inappropriate in which case I may delete it). I am sending this there so that others can find it.

Thanks for your interest and feedback.

Ian Fetterley
Omnes Web Information Manager


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