HSC Alexandre Nevsky Words in Real Audio (April-2001)

The Russian words from Alexandre Nevsky, recorded as a pronunciation guide, are now available for access from this page using Real Player and your computer's sound system. If you do not already have Real Player installed, click here to go to Real Networks. Scroll down the page, and look for the "Top Free Downloads" section and select the "Free Download" link for RealPlayer 8 Basic.

The Nevsky pronunciation file runs just over a total of 39 minutes, to listen to all of it. The Russian speaker pronounces each phrase twice, leaving time in between for you to repeat her pronunciation. To access this file, and have it streamed to you via Real Player, click on the "Stream Nevsky Words File via Real Player" link below.

However, one limitation of using the streamed version is, it will always start at the beginning and run to the end, without letting you skip forward or backward within the file. If you have the time, and a decent speed on your modem connection, you may want to click on the "Download Nevsky Words File" link below to gain more flexibility. This will enable you to copy and save the Real Audio file to your hard drive. Then, when you access it via Real Player after downloading, you will be able to use the "slider" in Real Player to navigate forward and backward within the file. The file is about 4.8 MB in size, so a download on a 33K phone connection would take about 40 minutes. If your Internet connection is faster, the download will, of course, take less time.

Good luck with the learning...

Nevsky Words File (Streaming Audio)

Nevsky Words File (Download to your hard drive)

(The file and this information was provided by Steve Newton - B2 and setup on this webpage by your webmaster. For technical assistance or questions, email Steve Newton at snewton @ ev1.net.)


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